Discussion Week 4-Anatomy And Physiology 2-Describe The Neural Control Of Salivation And Swallowing. please read all instructions thank you word count 325

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please read all instructions thank you

word count 325 minimum 


References from textbook; Anatomy and Physiology- the unity of form and function-SALADIN (9 TH EDITION)

RESEARCH (Label this section)

  • The explanation / background of the topic- Teach the topic to      students. Share interesting and current research on the topic.
  • Use APA citations in the text to clarify sources.
  • Reminder: Your textbook should be      one of the sources.

CRITICAL THINKING (Label this section, too)

  • This section is only for your thoughts/conclusions. This is      not research based.
  • Examples: Apply everyday phenomena in terms of the scientific      concepts in your research section. Make observations and draw conclusions.
  • Tips and Tricks for Remembering and Recalling. Is there a      mnemonic device that might help you memorize this information or what      helps you understand this?
  • Connect the dots. Why is this an important topic for you,      your community, society, or the world? How does it relate to other      concepts in the text?

Add References and Word Count at the bottom of posts.

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