Discussion Respond Respond to two colleagues by proposing an intervention that would address the indicators identified. Explain the potential impact of soc

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Respond to two colleagues by proposing an intervention that would address the indicators identified. Explain the potential impact of social work interventions such as this on adolescents’ lives. How might Stephanie’s adolescent life have improved with this intervention?

Parker Family Episode 3

Parker Family Episode 3
Program Transcript

FEMALE SPEAKER: I want to take care of her. I really do. I mean, she’s my
mom, and she’s not getting any younger. But I deserve my own life, my own
place. And I’m always tired of feeling like I’m suffocating all the time. It’s just– It’s
so confusing. I love her, you know?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I understand that you want a place of your own to live. You
mentioned before that you and your mother argue a lot.

FEMALE SPEAKER: A lot? How about all the time? And all that stuff she hoards,
it’s just like, I’m drowning in it. It’s like there’s more room for her junk than there is
for us. It just drives me crazy. Right to the hospital sometimes.

FEMALE SPEAKER: How many times have you been hospitalized?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Let’s see. Three times in four years. I think I mentioned to
you that I’m bipolar, and I’m lousy dealing with stress. Oh. Wait, um, there was
another time that I was in the hospital. I tried to commit suicide. I guess I was
pretty lousy at that too, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What made you want to do it? I was a teenager. And when
you’re a teenager, you find a reason every day to try to kill yourself, right? I was–
I was depressed.

I remember one night I went out with some of my friends. And, um, they were all
looking up at the sky and talking about how pretty the stars were. And all I could
think about was that that sky was nothing more than a black eye. It was lifeless,
and it could care less about any of us.

When they finally let me go home from the hospital, my family– wow– what a trip
they were. They didn’t want to talk about what I had tried to do. That was off-
limits. I tried to kill myself. And I they acted like nothing ever happened. I’ve never
told anybody that before.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Are you seeing a psychiatrist now?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Um, I go to a clinic, and I see him once a month. I also go
to drop-in centers for group sessions, mostly for my depression.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What about medications?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Hell, yeah. They’re my lifesaver.

FEMALE SPEAKER: What are you taking?

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Parker Family Episode 3

FEMALE SPEAKER: Let’s see. For the bipolar I take lithium, Paxil. Oh. Wait a
minute. I made a list so I would not forget the medications that I take. Let’s see. I
take lithium, Paxil, Abilify, Klonopin–

Parker Family Episode 3
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Brian Kline and Nico Danks

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