Discussion post reply Please see attached instruction. Respond to the two following post make it strait forward and easy. APA format 2 scholarly Refer

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Please see attached instruction.

Respond to the two following post make it strait forward and easy.

APA format

2 scholarly References within the last two years for each post

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Donna K

Discussion # 1

Top of Form

       Work  place issues.  Absent from work, several times a year.  If you only have one client to take care of, that would put a damper on the child and the family’s  life and how they get to work, back and forth.  With Covid 19 now in different settings, a lot of people are calling in sick with the Covid 19.  But, if you have covid 19, you have to be absent from work for a couple of weeks.

      Staffing Shortages.  With staff calling in sick, this would put a damper on appropriate staffing for the hospital or the nursing home.  What with a nursing home, they are always having a staffing shortage for nurses and CNA’s.  CMT and CNA’s.  There is no easy answer for this crisis.  A lot of places are now using travel nurses and contracting with local nurses.

      Angry issues.  There are a lot of staff that become angry when working with other staff.  Especially if one staff member wants  to work a certain shift and the other staff member already is working that shift.  People become angry when they have small arguements. It is very hard for the nursing supervisor to keep everyone happy.

     My recent hospital, which I worked at for 2 years, got help by using agency and offering staff nurses and CNA’s more money.  Which really helped at the time.  With shortages due to covid 19, this really came in handy, with food costing too much and gasoline as well.  

Arthur J

Discussion # 2

Top of Form

The healthcare stressor I chose is Covid-19. Since 2020 Covid-19 has changed our world forever. We have lost hundreds of thousands of lives due to the deadly virus. The virus has affected healthcare in countless ways. Care of older patient populations has become even more challenging with how virulent Covid-19 is. Sharma et al. (2021) state that “there is a higher mortality rate in the elderly (individuals over the age of 50) and those with prior health complications” (Sharma et al. 2021. p. 16). Combine increased mortality rates with nursing shortages and it truly shows how much of a stressor Covid-19 has been for hospitals. Covid-19’s high transmission rate has caused high numbers of patients to be infected during their hospital stay. At my place of employment, Covid-19 has caused major changes intraoperative management of patients. Operating rooms have to be prepped for patients that test positive. Also, rooms have to be shut down for extended periods of time when a patient has Covid. This costs hospitals large amounts of money and it decreases the number of cases that can be done in a day. At one point during the delta surge over 60% of our cases were positive. There are often tense situations with surgeons and hospital management about whether or not a surgery should take place with a patient who is Covid positive. Dexter et al. (2020) state that “restriction of procedures has substantial clinical and management complications” (Dexter et al. 2020, p. 4). Covid-19 has dramatically changed the structure and planning of operating room cases on a widescale. At my place of employment, we have developed many strategies to limit the exposure of Covid. After each patient enters the OR we use air filters to ensure that particles are not dispersed to other operating rooms. Also, we cover all cabinets with sheets to make sure that sterile supplies are not contaminated. Furthermore, we use runners who go and get supplies that we normally have in the room. Perrone et al. (2021) state that “it is mandatory to adopt strong strategies to reduce the risk of contamination in the OR” (Perrone et al. 2021, p. 1). Another strategy we use is recovering the patient in the OR. This allows for safe anesthesia without the risk of exposing other patients in the PACU. Covid-19 is a horrible virus that has wreaked havoc on our world; however, innovations have been developed that will be permanent mainstays for future pandemics.

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

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