Discussion Instruction attached below 200 words post work and 100 words response after the assignments is complete Discussion post instructions: Each st

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Instruction attached below 

200 words post work and 100 words response after the assignments is complete 

Discussion post instructions:

Each student will be required to post two times in each discussion. The initial (first) post must be an original contribution to the conversation, with the second post being a response to something written by a classmate. A quality written post is at least 200 words without grammatical errors. A response post needs to be thoughtful, respectful and at least 100 words.

Remember basic elements of grammar, including beginning sentences with capital letters. Avoid the casual writing style often found on social media and write on an academic level instead. Grammar is major component of this discussion course grade, as you are expected to communicate your understanding of the material and your opinions on the subject in a thoughtful, organized manner.

The initial post is due Sunday, February 27 and the response post is due Wednesday, March 2. The discussion will automatically close at 11:59pm, March 2 and no further submissions will be allowed.

This is worth 20 points, which are awarded after you’ve completed both components of the discussion and will be determined on how well you followed the above criteria. Remember that these have firm close dates and late submissions are not allowed.

In your own words, and thoughtfully answer ONE of the question prompts below:

1. What did Madison consider a faction to be and how could a faction be dangerous to a republic? How does Madison propose to deal with factions? How do you feel he would assess factions in our modern society?

2. Given that more women than men are registered to vote and turn out to vote, why are women so underrepresented in Congress? What causes this phenomenon?

3. Would you ever want to be president? Why or why not? Is being the President the hardest job in the world? Why or why not?

4. Now that you’ve learned about Congress and the President, which of these institutions should take the lead in terms of crafting public policy? Which of these is a more democratic institution? Make sure to justify your answer.

5. Thinking back to fiscal federalism, what are unfunded mandates and why are they controversial? Give some examples of these kinds of policies? Why do you think unfunded mandates proved so difficult to eliminate?

6. Generally speaking would you rather live in a government with strong states and a weak national government or vice versa? Would you feel better represented by one over the other? 

7. What is impeachment and why is it a critical check on the power of the executive branch? In what ways are the standards unclear? How would you define “high crimes and misdemeanors”? Have we overused the process of impeachment, and does it still mean anything today?

We have students who represent a broad spectrum of political values, beliefs, and leanings. Be considerate and respectful when writing your response post. Acknowledge in your response post to a classmate, what you do agree with and what suggestions you would include. Even if you disagree entirely, find something positive to acknowledge!! No demeaning someone else’s politics, point of view, etc. (This is a college course with intentional civil discourse.) Civil discourse means we are thoughtfully engaging and sharing our ideas with one another. For the record, there is no “wrong” opinion in this class. I don’t expect you to have all of the answers, but I do expect you to base your conclusions for this discussion post on your recent chapter readings & lectures.

Initial posts should be a minimum of 200 words.

Response posts should be a minimum of 100 words. 

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