Discussion Board 1 This homedwork is discussion board about the topic. I need the short a personal opinion about my classmate topic. About 150 to 200 word

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Discussion Board 1 This homedwork is discussion board about the topic. I need the short a personal opinion about my classmate topic.

About 150 to 200 word Sexual Behavior 

The acceptance rate of nonconventional sexual behavior increases annually through the promulgation of liberal ideas on various forms of media. Debates on sexual orientation allow the conceptualization of how new ideas motivate or deter the positive evolvement of society. Three main approaches; liberial, moderate,and conventional, exist today that insistently control the sexual behavior of individuals and groups. Both liberal and traditional approaches advocate for extreme sexual adherence to particular tenets. The latter stresses consent as the only critical factor, while the former relies on stringent religious and spiritual teachings. The moderate sexual behavior view comes closest to my perspective because it is the most conclusive and encouraging tolerance to nonconevtional and traditional tenets.

Fundamentally, the moderate approach stresses the need for having a substantial emotional connection, creating mutually beneficial outcomes. Utilitarianism presupposes that a morally wrong action leads to unwanted consequences. It follows that a morally good sexual encounter is one that results in beneficialoutcomes for all involved. Dissimilar to the liberal view, the moderate approach to sexual behavior stresses the vitality for both consent and consequences. Notably, a balances perspective is easily propagated through various societal institutions. Schools and universities, for instance, are polarizing strict conservative attitudes towards behavior by exposing learners to various egalitarian interpretations and perspectives (Aune and Guest 133). Such teachings are essential in stabilizing social interactions among learners, creating room for nonviolent conversations. 

Secondly, the moderate sexual behavior perspective ensures responsible behavior among adults by deterring immorality. Proponents of the approach contened that sex should not be used as a means to an end, as explicated in other views. The liberal approach, for instance, ignores the potential emotional reactions to sexual relations. Since consent is the only determining factor, it follows that no sexual behavior is disallowed, even in extramarital affairs. The moderate view to masturbation, for instance, affirms that while the action can be necessary and healthy for persons without marital partners, it is not always psychologically and morally healthy (tulalian 15). This restrained view emphasizes a careful approach to the various sensitive of sexuality by weighing the pros and cons.

Lastly, the moderate view to sexual behavior provides a comprehensive model of conceptualizing sexual relations,, which other approaches fail to deliver . For example, the conservative approach to sexuality is inconclusive as it largely depends on religious dogma (Van de toorn et al. 14600. Spiritual views tend to appeal to nature and faith while ignoring scientific evidence on various sexual activities on animals and human beings. Nature alone does not fully conceptualize human sexuality and only considers the average tendencies of mating behaviors. Similarly, faith offers unconvincing prejudices agaisnt certain carnal activities among individuals. It is worth noting that religious views vary across the globe, and finding the one to streamline acceptable beliefs is a grimm undertaking. A balanced perspective encourages individuals to consider the negative impacts of sexual interactions, which vary which different situations.

In brief, I favor the moderate view of sexual behavior because it is the most conclusive approach, addressing the issues left by both extremes. Religious beliefs rely vehemently on contradictory views that vary across different faiths. Liberal views, on the other hand, are nearly as extreme because they advocate for any sexual behavior that is predicted on consent while ignoring the moral consequences. The moderate view bridges both extremes by advocating physically and morally responsible sexual behavior. It also constructs a stable society in which sexual bevahior is neither controlled by utility nor complex dogmans but predicated on the moral consequences of the participants.

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