Discussion 2 Computer Science homework help

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Topic :  User-centred Design and Evaluation of Health Information Technology 


Post your topic for your dissertation – Cite appropriate scholarly literature (3 – to 5 articles – past 2-3 years) to support your topic area.  What do you know about the topic and what remains to be known?
Do one of the scholarly articiles provide you with an opportunity to extend a current study?  Be sure you have scheduled your one-on-on conversation with Dr. Butler – use the Calendly link in the syllabus to set up your call. To start your your topic idea use this format: 

The scholarly literature tells us that…
What we currently know is…
What remains to be found out is….( OR  the XXXX study on XXXX can be extended with additonal research by….)
Use appropriate APA 7 citations

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