Discussion 1&2 Responses Answer all 4 questions each with 100 words minimum. See attachment RESPOND TO EACH QUESTION WITH AT LEAST 100 WORDS and 1 Referenc

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Answer all 4 questions each with 100 words minimum. See attachment


Question 1 (Tieara)

As the project manager at ILS there are multiple issues that need to be addressed and ensuring that the right project team is formed is imperative. Having an associate that just earned their CAPM is a huge thing that should be celebrated and rewarded if the associate has earned it. Having the dock supervisor be against allowing the associate to join the team could pose a problem. I would first meet with the dock supervisor and allow him to fully express his apprehension for allowing him to join and inform me that the loading dock team is already constrained. I would acknowledge his concerns and inform with honesty and transparency what the team is working toward in order to get the facility in properly functioning order. If we’re going to be the best we have to have the best on the team and I would employ the power of nice. I would prepare my discussion points on why the newly certified associate should be allowed on the team and probe him on the root cause of why he doesn’t want the associate involved, I would then propose that we allow the newly certified associate to work on the project in the earlier phase of the project as a liaison between the project team and the dock team and if he did not prove to be invaluable then we can excuse from the project and give him another task. This should allow the supervisor to feel more comfortable with the associate coming onboard as it is in what would be considered a “temporary” capacity. This turns out to be a win/win for both the team and the dock supervisor. 

QUESTION 2 (Yvonne)

This week as a project manager for International Logistics Services, I am encountering a bit of an issue with onboarding a new employee to my team due to lack of support from the loading dock supervisor. I should be able to negotiate a strategy to get the loading dock supervisor to agree with my project plans and assign that specific employee to the project team. Kloppenborg stresses bringing in people early on a project is vital due to people enjoying the creation part of a project rather than orders to do a task, as well as one a specific person works on a project more details are considered, and planning is realistic (2019). The loading dock supervisor wants to keep control of the area therefore I will reassure the loading dock supervisor no control in the area will be lost. I’ll convince him/her that adding this employee to the project team will bring resources not found in the current team and can expect the employee, who won the CAPM, to add a well-rounded skill set to the project in any area that is lacking. I’ll also remind the loading dock supervisor that when the project does better than expected, he/she will be recognized for leading the project. Focusing on the lack of loss of power for the supervisor, added skill set benefit from a new teammate who won the CAPM in any area lacking, and recognition for the supervisor upon project completion should do the trick have my chosen person added to the team.


QUESTION 3 (Veneice)

QUESTION 4 (Joseph Naro)

Importance of a

WBS (1).pptx

Importance of a WBS

Tieara N. Jackson

BUS 633: Project & Operations Management

Instructor: Dr. William Dickie

Importance of WBS

A WBS created for a purpose

Acquire Project Team


Importance of WBS

Time Bound



Importance of WBS

Team Capability

Alleviating Uncertainty

Free Thinkers

Week 2 –

Discussion 2.pptx

Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Joseph Naro

BUS633: Project & Operations Management (FTJ2209B)

Dr. Bill Dickie



General Work breakdown structure

Creates a high-level understanding of specific deliverables

Decomposition of the project scope to solidify a project schedule and cost estimates.

Shows how different parts of the project are performed together or separately.

Reasons for the wbs method

Best method for avoiding schedule delays and budget overruns.

Assigning roles and responsibilities based on specific deliverables rather than general goals for the project.

Helps avoid over-tasking and under-tasking of elements and distributes workload evenly.

Creates an environment for problem solving without deviating from the schedule.

Logistic Service Improvement WBS

Each contributor has an overall goal to complete for the success of the project.

Meeting with each individual and discuss strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities is the first step.

Creating a glidepath for success in each individual deliverable that is agreed by the participate and the shareholder.


Kloppenborg, T. J., Anantatmula, V., & Wells, K. N. (2019). Contemporary project management (4th ed.). Cengage Learning.

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