DB51 1. What themes have remained constant and what appears new Watch: Anti-Semitism in the Nations Okay, let’s visit for a few minutes about this idea th

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DB51 1. What themes have remained constant and what appears new Watch: Anti-Semitism in the Nations

Okay, let’s visit for a few minutes about this idea that ideas become policy because one of the most concrete of those ideas that has shaped policies and entire political structures through modern history has been that of antisemitism, an irrational form of racism against the Jewish people. For our purposes, we can begin that discussion with the time when Rome occupied Israel, because it was during that time that the Jewish people were sent, were dispersed to the nations. This was an event that eventually became known as the diaspora, where they found their homes and pockets of nations around the globe. But one thing linked these events together and that was this irrational hatred or this irrational anti-Semitism against the Jews. In some places that literally shaped policy, crescendoing in things like the pogroms of Russia and in the German Holocaust, where the idea of antisemitism literally defined a nation for a time. But we also need to look at the other side of these ideas because where there’s an idea, a reaction to that idea. And it was out of the ashes of the Holocaust that the world recognized for the first time enlarge part, that the Jewish people needed and deserved a homeland in their traditional homeland of Israel. So, you see one idea causing a great travesty and the response to that idea making its way into international policy, which brought about what many people consider to be a modern miracle with the rebirth the State of Israel in 1948.
This is even a little more involved than that because for the first time, we saw not only the rebirth of a nation that had been gone for about 2000 years, but a language, the Hebrew language that had become a dead language, revived through the efforts of Theodore Herzl and others. You literally saw revival of a culture, a revival of a people, and a revival of a state. A dead language that was used only in religious ceremonies became the official language of a new nation today, 2014 and beyond. If you go to the State of Israel, you see what was once a dead language. Now being the only language that many people speak, the official language of the state, the language of commerce. It’s shows an amazing revival, but you also see a continuation of this give and take this pull, action and reaction over the idea of anti-Semitism in both the policies that some nations create. Indeed, some Middle Eastern nations define large bulks of their policy by their commitment to the destruction of the State of Israel and then use the counter policy. The United States has had a longstanding reputation as one of the greatest friends of the State of Israel in foreign policy. As the sands shift in these regards, as you study American foreign policy toward Israel, this idea that ideas become policy. We will help you greatly to understand the give and take and the dynamic of this political relationship between the world, the United States, and the state of Israel.

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