Data Structure And Algorithm Need to be done in java Add a code in the given code// Subodh Shrestha // CSCI308 Fall 2021 21F // Date: 11/22/2021 Time:3:30P

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Data Structure And Algorithm Need to be done in java
Add a code in the given code// Subodh Shrestha
// CSCI308 Fall 2021 21F
// Date: 11/22/2021 Time:3:30PM
package djkstrashortestpath_shrestha;

class DsAlgorithm
   //1.Find the shortest path for all of the given vertices:
   //  We have not visited yet.
   // Note:  If the vertex is marked as true, we have visited it.
   //2. Update the distance value of all neighboring vertices
   //   of the selected vertex
   //3. Update distance[loc] if and only if it is not in the
   //   PathArray, there is an shorter path from source to the vertex at loc.
   public static int[] Dijkstra(int graph[][],
           int s, int distanceArr[], int VNum)
       //PathArray[j] will be true if the given vertex j
       //is included in the shortest path tree from origin to j
       Boolean PathArray[] = new Boolean[VNum];
       // Initializing distance = INFINITE PathArray[] = false
       for(int j = 0; j < VNum; j++)        {            distanceArr[j] = Integer.MAX_VALUE;            PathArray[j] = false;        }            distanceArr[s] = 0; // node to self distance is 0        for(int i = 0; i < VNum - 1; i++)        {            int minIndex = minimumDistance(distanceArr, PathArray, VNum);            PathArray[minIndex] = true;            for(int j =0; j < VNum; j++)                {                if(!PathArray[j] && graph[minIndex][j] != -1                 && distanceArr[minIndex] != Integer.MAX_VALUE                 && distanceArr[minIndex]                 + graph[minIndex][j] < distanceArr[j])                    {                           distanceArr[j] = distanceArr[minIndex] + graph[minIndex][j];                    }                }            }        return distanceArr;        }                //Compute the min distance value between a vertex and other verticies.    public static int minimumDistance(int distance[],                    Boolean PathArray[], int VNum)    {        //Let the min be an integer max value and the index begin with -1        int minimum = Integer.MAX_VALUE;        int MinimumIndex = -1;        for(int i =0; i< VNum; i++)        {        // compare values and keep the minimum            if (PathArray[i] == false && distance[i] <= minimum)            {                minimum = distance[i];                MinimumIndex = i;            }        }        return MinimumIndex;    } } Lab 8 - Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Extension Add comments at the top of your code that look like this but in comments. Fill in the requested information: Creating/Setting Up the project: Create a new project named (use your last name): Lab8_DijkstrasShortestPath_LastName. Create an additional java class named: DsAlgorithm Copy the code from the original Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Participation into the files. Modification: Add necessary code from Lab 7 to allow the user to: • Enter a graph • Convert to an adjacency matrix • And then find the shortest path between the root/source vertex at location 0 and the other vertices. Note: • Add comments as needed to explain the process. - required • CODE CANNOT ALL BE ADDED INTO EITHER OF THE DIJKSTRAS ALGORITHM JAVA FILES. Lab 7 code should be called in the main as needed. • Add all error checking etc needed to keep me from braking your code. Submit the following Grading • A png of your graph for input • pngs – 20% • a png of your results • comments – 10% • a zip of your project • working code – 70%

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