Criminal Justice … Due Tomorrow …. Search And Seizure this assignment is due tomorrow Based on US law for search and seizure Open the first attachm

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this assignment is due tomorrow 

Based on US law for search and seizure 

Open the first attachment which has the assignment 

The second attachment scroll to search and seizure.  Use that and other information for assignment. 

Please create and send me your paper detailing 
all the conditions

 under which law enforcement officers can conduct a lawful search and seizure.  Please provide specific examples of each condition.

All written assignments must be created in an APA (American Psychological Association) format and sent as a Microsoft Word attachment. (“PDF,” “Google docs,” “Pages,” or any other types of submissions will not be accepted and the assignment will result in only 1 point).  All papers must be supported with a cover page, source citations and a reference page. Any written submissions that fail to include these will receive only “1” point.  All written assignments are scored based on their content, structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  Late written assignments will not be accepted.

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