Crim Final Must be reason length answers and must be in own words and cite. APA FORMAT  QUESTIONS ARE BELOW IN FILE 1. What impacts can gangs have on u

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Crim Final Must be reason length answers and must be in own words and cite. APA FORMAT 

QUESTIONS ARE BELOW IN FILE 1. What impacts can gangs have on urban communities? Should the federal government close immigration to any individuals who were proven to be members of a gang previously? Is there a solution to illegal border crossings made by gang members? Fentanyl has become a serious health issue in the United States and has caused thousands of people to die of overdoses. This illegal drug has been tied to gangs who have smuggled it into the United States and sold it on the streets. Does the amount of people dying from opioids and Fentanyl justify a new War on Drugs? Why or why not?
2. What is Community Policing? Explain the goals of Community Policing? How do you re-engage communities? Why is there a need to do so? Analyze the issue of Urban Violence. What efforts can be taken to investigate and prosecute homicides and gun offenses? Should police engage in stop and frisk in order to remove more guns from the streets or is this practice unconstitutional? Should gun laws been more restrictive? Should guns be banned in the United States? You are a police chief and have received word that a gang war will happen tonight in your city. The gang members are identifiable by their tattoos. What would you tell your officers to do to try to prevent bloodshed?
3. Explain the process of re-integration back into society for an inmate. What is available by way of programs to help with this process? Are there opportunities should the prisoner when he re-enters society? Is there any disparity between the race of individuals who re-integrate and the opportunities at employment? If so, explain your answer.
4. The issue of legalization of recreational drugs has received much attention over the past several years. Many states have legalized marijuana, both medically and for recreational purposes. What are the main reasons for legalization of marijuana by those states that have chosen to do so? Have those reasons changed after the drug was legalized? List and explain some pros and cons for the legalization of marijuana. What can a government do to someone who sells marijuana without a license and does not collect taxes from the sale? What does the future hold for legalization?
5. What is human trafficking? Explain the scope of the issue. What can be done to try to stop human trafficking? Are there signs of human trafficking? If so what are they? Do victims of human trafficking have any services available to them? How would you approach investigating human trafficking and punishing those involved?
6. What is Broken Windows Theory? Does it apply to all cities? Should law enforcement still enforce laws that address Quality of Life Crimes? What impact do the crimes of drinking in public, public urination, and prostitution have on urban communities? Should District Attorneys prosecute all offenders who violate the law, or select the crimes to be prosecuted? Recently there has been an increase in smash and grab crimes and looting committed by groups of individuals. What should be done to try to stop these offenses?

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