Controversial Topic Written Paper By the end of this assignment you will have developed an argument based on scientific data and presented it in writt

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Written Paper

By the end of this assignment you will have developed an argument based on scientific data
and presented it in written form. By completing this assignment, you will better be able to
interpret and communicate scientific information. This assignment meets course learning
objectives 2 and 3 directly.

Assignments are due by 11:59 pm Central Standard Time (CST) on the assigned date (See
Canvas). Late assignments will receive a 1%-point deduction for each day it is late (including
Saturdays and Sundays). No late work of any kind will be accepted after the last day of
classes. Note that you have the opportunity to revise your paper. I give back points for most
things, but not for being late. Your grade will be based on accuracy, clarity, creativity, and
grammar and spelling. See the rubric for more information.

Directions about written paper content:

1. Pick a controversial topic. Post your chosen topic on Canvas for approval. Any changes
to your topic need to be approved by Dr. Everts.

2. Read and evaluate a minimum of six primary peer-reviewed scientific articles on your
topic. Also include two secondary articles from different authors. See Library course
guide for more information on searching and citing articles at
http://libguides.twu/nfs4943. If you choose a topic discussed in class, then you need to
use different articles than the ones discussed in your group.

3. Write a position paper that discusses both sides of the topic. However, you should
conclude with an argument for or against your topic that is based on the data reported in
these scientific primary peer-reviewed articles.

4. Make sure to critique this scientific data, including study design, strengths and weakness
of studies within your argument. You can go through each article individually or
summarize the strengths and/or weakness of all of your primary articles as appropriate.
For example, “all of these studies were limited by having small numbers of participants
and short time frames.”

5. Include an introduction to the topic, a middle section where you discuss the scientific
articles, and a conclusion where you argue for or against the topic.

Directions for the annotated bibliography

1. List the six primary peer-reviewed articles and two secondary articles.
a. Article citations need to be written in AMA format.

2. Below the citation include 1-2 sentences that summarize the main point of the article.
This statement needs to be summarized or paraphrased. DO NOT just include a
statement word for word from the article. No direct quotes are allowed here.

a. Note that primary articles include actual research data. They will include a
methods section that discusses actual experiments and statistics, not just how
they searched for articles. Review articles are secondary articles, NOT primary

Directions for written paper format

1. This paper needs to be 5-7 pages.
a. Use Arial 11-point font
b. Double spaced with 1 inch margins
c. Points will be taken off if too short or long

2. Include the references in AMA format. A guide to AMA is posted on Canvas and a link is
on the course library site.

b. You should have in text citations that are superscript numbers after the
punctuation. These in-text citations go at the end of the first sentence that
discusses the information in that citation.

c. There needs to be a reference list at the end of the document in numerical order.
d. NOTE: Cite journal articles using the format for journals; not the website where

you found the article.
3. I expect you to use your own words and not use direct quotes.

a. Any use of direct quotes needs to be justified. In general, I will assume you do
not understand the articles you are reading if you use direct quotes.

4. Submit paper on Canvas (see below). File extensions accepted include: word or pdf.

Directions for the revised written presentation

1. Review all of the comments I made and make changes to your paper.
2. Note that I will not mark every error if there are a lot. Thus, to get full credit back you

need to look through your whole document when I suggest changes.
3. When I take off for plagiarism or using direct quotes you can gain most, but not all of the

points back if you rewrite these statements in your own words.
4. I do not give points back that are taken off for late documents. Therefore, turn in your

paper on time.

Technical directions for submitting your Annotated Bibliography and Written

1. Go to Canvas and click on “Assignments” link on the left side of the screen.
2. Click on “Annotated Bibliography” or “Written paper”.
3. To turn in your paper click on “Load Written Paper in a new window”.

a. Enter Name and title of submission
b. Choose your file by clicking one of the buttons
c. Click “Upload” to submit your file
d. Click “Confirm” after the file uploads
e. You will get an originality report.

i. If you see you have a lot of text that is similar to other texts then you
should revise your document and resubmit before the deadline.

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