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Post a cohesive response based on your analysis of the Learning Resources and your professional experience. Be sure to discuss the following: 

No plagiarism 

APA citing 

48 hours 

Class Café

The “Class Café” may be used on an ongoing basis throughout your course for discussions with your peers that do not necessarily relate to the formal content of this course.

Welcome to MGMT 6175: Managing, Mediating, and Resolving Conflict
. What would you like to learn about conflict in the next eight weeks? Do you find conflict exciting or scary, or both? Do you look forward to a good fight or would you rather run from one?

Assignment – Post a cohesive paragraphs discussing how you view conflict. Your introduction must include the following:

· What is your attitude toward conflict – moving toward it or trying to avoid it? How do you explain this preference?

· Given your attitude toward conflict, what would you want to learn from this course? What do you hope to learn?

· What do you hope will happen in this course? How can we meet your expectations?

· How will you know that your expectations have been met?

· APA citing

· No plagiarism

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