Chapter 8 & 9 Global Product Design – YouTube What is a Global Brand? – YouTube Global Brands vs Local Brands – YouTube APA FORMAT Core Princi

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 Global Product Design – YouTube 

 What is a Global Brand? – YouTube 

 Global Brands vs Local Brands – YouTube 


 Core Principles of International Marketing – Simple Book Publishing ( 

Chapter 8:

. Define the global product – standardized and adapted products.

2. Define the country-of-origin effect and give examples.

3. Define brand, as it relates to marketing.  Differentiate between local brands and global brands.

4. Define Bottom of the Pyramid marketing (BOP) with examples of firms pursing BOP strategies.

5. What are the twelve principles of BOP innovation?

Chapter 9:

1. Define global branding and give examples of successful global brands.

2. Discuss the three global branding structures, giving an example of each structure.  Include in your example what makes the brand successful.

3. What are the trade-offs of centralized versus decentralized marketing decision making in the global market?

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