Case Study 5-6 pages. Due on 13th Public Health Planning and Finance INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE CLASS CASE STUDIES A major component of this co

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Case Study 5-6 pages.

Due on 13th Public Health Planning and Finance


A major component of this course is the case studies. They consist of 3 case studies

during the semester and final case study due during finals week. The topic for each of the

assignments will be provided. There is not a page requirement for the case studies as long

as all of the key elements of the assignment are addressed. This is your opportunity to

demonstrate your understanding of the course material through original ideas and insight.

Excel spreadsheets and other material may be necessary to fully address certain aspects

of a case study. Your paper should be consistent with the standards for college level

writing. If necessary, please take advantage of the KSU Writing Center or peer group to

proofread your assignment. Please do not hesitate to email me regarding any aspect of

your assignments.


 Clearly address each specific aspect of the case study

 Use Excel or other charts if appropriate to present the data.

 Find a variety of appropriate sources for the topic.

 Develop strong paragraphs focused on discussing specific ideas.

 Create and organize paragraphs that flow in a logical fashion throughout the
paper, providing the reader with appropriate guides to the structure of the paper

 Use transitions within paragraphs to demonstrate the logical flow of ideas.

 Write a strong introduction that catches the reader’s attention, introduces main
points, and presents a clear thesis.

 Finish with a conclusion that summarizes main ideas effectively

 Students are encouraged to use both internet databases as well as the library’s

 Students should evaluate which sources are the most useful, as opposed to using
those which are merely easiest to locate.

 Summarize articles effectively and accurately.

 Appropriately mediate quotes, paraphrases, and summaries from sources and
follow all material taken from sources with citations according to MLA (or

similar) standards.

 Proofread to eliminate careless errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling

 Take advantage of the KSU Writing Center or your peers to proofread your paper.

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