Can Anyone Help With This Question By Tonight For this paper I would like for you to prepare a two-page paper which: a) Defines and contrasts the terms De

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For this paper I would like for you to prepare a two-page paper which: a) Defines and contrasts the terms Deviance, Obedience, and Conformity within sociology.

b) Summarize the overall setup and findings of this research experiment. What conditions were altered to examine outcomes in the different trials? Define and contrast how the overall findings are related to the concepts of Informational Conformity and Normative Conformity.

c) Explain how competing sets of social pressures can be working to create both Deviance and Conformity at the same time. In other words, what happens when two groups have very different views of the same behavior. For example, in our society we have laws that expect Obedience, and say underage youth cannot drink alcohol. But at the same time we have a culture which encourages and sells alcohol everywhere, which in many ways says drinking alcohol is Conforming to society. The key is to see this as one specific behavior, that the individual is stuck always being deviant and always being conformist no matter what they do. A kid that drinks is conforming to peers, but deviant to laws. A kid that does not drink is conforming to laws, but deviant to the larger culture.

d) Apply these findings to one specific behavior (not kids drinking or using drugs because that is the example above.) you see in the real world where Social Conformity and Deviance are acting to put conflicting expectations on individuals.

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