Business Strategies Attached is the assignment. Please fix the following 1. The introduction should tell the reader about Acadia Helathcare and not wh

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 Attached is the assignment. Please fix the following 

1. The introduction should tell the reader about Acadia Helathcare and not what you learned about the company.  

2. Give the background on the company. No organizational chart or explanation of their organizational structure and who reports to who.  

3. The ethical section need to include the mission, vision and core values of the company.  How is Arcadia going to improve the bottom line?  We can have a strategy in several ways.  Cut overhead, find new markets, sell more to existing customers.  

4. Tell me what they say in the annual plan under goals and objectives?  That’s their strategic plan.  A SWOT is used to develop a strategic plan.  

5. What did they decide to do?



Week 4 Assignment: Acadia Healthcare

Cynthia De La Rosa

Keiser University

Capstone Business Strategies

Dr. John Fitzgerald

February. 5, 2022


I have learned numerous invaluable contents throughout the course that has enhanced my understanding of Health Services Administration, which entails learning the various concepts applicable in the overall management of healthcare institutions. Essentially, this assignment involves medical management and corporate management concepts that address leadership, ethics, and strategic analysis. The three aspects form this task’s core elements, which predominantly delves into Acadia Healthcare. Essentially, Acadia Healthcare is the leading provider of behavioural health services in the United States for people in need. Acadia has established its national presence across 40 states operating approximately 230 behavioural health facilities with about 10,200 beds. The establishment is relative in my field of study, which is the reason why I had an interactive experience researching about it and grasping the scope of how it operates in the industry. 

We have learned about leadership, ethics, and strategic management throughout this course and their significance. Therefore, providing information on Acadia Healthcare, I comprehensively addressed every aspect by shedding more light on how the aspects play a part in the medical institutions. The first is leadership, which involves influencing, motivating, and guiding people to realize predetermined objectives and goals. Leadership provides direction, stability, morale, culture, and even affiliations alongside employee retention and development. Acadia uses an expanded organizational structure with several key top leadership positions. Some of the top leaders include the Chief Executive Officer led by Ms. Debbie Osteen, Chief Finance Officer (CFO) led by David Duckworth, Executive Vice president led by Christopher L. Howard, and Executive Vice President General Counsel, amongst others. The organization’s leadership body comprises pure talents, where each of them has garnered immense experience before joining Acadia, eventually propelling it to higher levels of success and growth.


Based on the leadership and management of Acadia healthcare by a highly competent group, there is increasing confidence in the company’s capacity to complete such deals and produce improved organic growth, productivity, and efficiency in the sites run by the company. Leaders help organizations carry out their daily operations effectively to propel them towards the vision and objectives. Leadership within organizations is vital to facilitate the development of cultures that uphold workforce value alongside leveraging the constructive input of employees of an organization. For instance, just like a vehicle that needs a driver or controller to propel it toward the desired destination, organizations require individuals who help the employees, teams, or other stakeholders to steer their contributions towards achieving the goals. In that light, leaders play a vital role in making crucial and strategic decisions, supporting, and motivating the employees in their daily operational areas to enhance their competence and productivity (interobserver, 2021). Effective organizational leadership could significantly render stability, direction, and achievement of objectives and goals. It results from the leaders’ role in representing organizational beliefs and mission to steer social good that is suitable for both the employees and patients, who are pivotal stakeholders for business entities.

Acadia Healthcare recognizes the essence of effective organizational leadership; as a result, it presents its leadership form in a broad organizational structure that highlights key departmental leaders. Acadia Healthcare’s top leader is the Chief Executive officer (CEO), Debbie Osteen, who has served the position since 2018, recording her senior leadership experience of more than 36 years (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.). As the organization’s CEO, Ms. Debra Osteen has facilitated Acadia Healthcare’s strategic vision and embarked on a growth plan. She has vast experience in senior leadership in the behavioural healthcare practice, thus her competence. Under the CEO is the Chief Finance Officer (CFO), David Duckworth. Mr. Duckworth has served Acadia since 2011 and had previously served various organizations in their financial affairs (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.). Also, there is the Executive Vice president, Christopher L. Howard joined Acadia in 2011 after serving several other institutions as a senior leader (Acadia Healthcare, 2022). Under the CFO is the EVP finance, who is responsible for all Acadia’s financial records and welfare, and the Senior Director, Tax, responsible for the organization’s tax obligations and proceedings (Acadia Healthcare, 2022). Besides, under the CEO is the EVP General Counsel responsible for all legal matters within the organization (Acadia Healthcare, 2022). Precisely, Acadia strives to attract and retain pure talents in their leadership positions to facilitate the achievement of their lofty vision and strategic goals of expanding and establishing their presence globally.

Acadia’s organizational leadership predominantly focuses on core areas that are pivotal for the development and sustainability of the industry. Such areas include finance, legal, strategic, medical, and quality and compliance. As mentioned, leadership plays a vital role in influencing, motivating, and guiding individuals within an organization to drive it towards achieving the predetermined goals and vision. Besides, utilizing competent and experienced leaders to leverage its performance in the market. As a result, adopting experienced leaders such as the CEO and CFO has helped them establish their dominance in the behavioural health field which essentially emerged among the leading providers of behavioural health services. Precisely, effective organizational leadership is a viable obligation that the business should explore to achieve their objectives and visions


For Acadia healthcare to maintain its leading role as providers of behavioural health services in the United States, it must have acceptable standards. Being ethical is one of the reasons behind the success of Acadia. Ethics is a major concern in the business world, especially when referring to social and economic good. Consequently, ethics in business is considered a vital function as they significantly adopt ethics to uphold integrity along with key stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and investors. Prevalently, organizations strive to establish an ethics program for operations to instil integrity among their employees and garner trust and confidence from vital stakeholders. However, the predominance of ethics programs come with variation in quality as business ethics mostly align with the respective corporate principles, values, and policies. Concurrently, the concept of business ethics is increasingly emphasized in modern establishments ranging from the adoption of the right talents and business reputation for the public (Schroeder ’18, 2021). Moreover, business ethics compels employee behaviour through their respective organizations that represents and upholds them (Schroeder ’18, 2021). In addition, business ethics plays a vital role in benefitting the bottom line, which enhances profitability by alleviating the losses and declining investor confidence.

Acadia Healthcare actively practices ethics in its business operations by identifying the essence of observing ethics in the modern world where questionable business practices would suggest doubt from employees to other key stakeholders such as investors and consumers alongside suppliers, which can impact the overall operations and performance (Resource Treatment Center, 2022). Acadia integrates an active Compliance Program and Code of Conduct to uphold integrity and ethics throughout their practices of rendering quality behavioural healthcare services in an accountable environment (Resource Treatment Center, 2022). The Resource Treatment Centre (2022) states that Acadia stipulates that all affiliates, regardless of the nature of the relationship, should be wary of and sensitive to scenarios that could result in the controversial image and deter their reputation, such as illegalities and unethical practice. Therefore, Acadia’s affiliates should report any instance of misconduct, illegal or improper conduct that occurs within their premises that jeopardizes the available legislations and regulations or their Code of Conduct (Resource Treatment Center, 2022). Acadia strives to alleviate discrimination based on any varying aspect such as ethnicity, colour, treatment, nationality, or any other aspect. The Compliance Program and Code of Conduct helps establish and develop fairness, equality, satisfaction, and ethical and compliance obligations within the organization. Acadia’s corporate governance upholds the codes to establish an egalitarian, caring, and responsible context amongst all stakeholders and affiliates, which in return have catapulted the organization to greater heights of success and dominance in the behavioural healthcare service in the United States (Resource Treatment Center, 2022).

With the increasing criticism of business practices, organizations have significantly shifted to execute their operations appropriately. This has left Acadia with no choice but to adhere to the highest ethical and compliance requirements. Acadia encourages workers, contractors, and stakeholders to identify any problems, and we fully evaluate all complaints that are found or reported. In addition, the corporation acts on all issues confirmed, including seeking disciplinary action and adopting other remedial procedures to avoid recurrence. Acadia’s policy is only to promote our products following FDA-approved product labelling, and all promotional interactions with meaningful Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) are solely interested in solving instructional problems by giving accurate and truthful scientific and professional details on our products or influential disease states. Acadia’s guiding concept is that our interactions with HCPs must help patients and improve the practice of medicine.

Strategic Analysis

Acadia intends to be a world-class organization providing behavioural health services through adopting growth strategies and investment strategies to subsidize the growing operations and expenses. Providing a successful method of therapy and rehabilitation is Acadia’s major purpose, which is to enhance the lives of its patients. Acadia Healthcare offers behavioural health treatments to patients in several settings, including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, specialist treatment facilities, residential treatment programs, and outpatient clinics. Acadia Healthcare is a member of the Acadia Healthcare System. ” As of September 30, 2021, Acadia operated a network of 230 behavioural healthcare facilities with approximately 10,200 beds in 40 states and Puerto Rico (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.-c). As a result, the corporation requires a strategic analysis to aid in efficient decision-making and streamlining processes across the organization. Strategic planning makes it possible to attain established objectives and goals more effectively and practically. It is more effective to do strategic analysis since it increases inspection and the interactions among factors, such as those that affect cash in and outflows and the likelihood of the change in variables. Basically, strategic analysis is about finding ways to make things better. This is mostly possible when there is a goal or mission that guides the way an organization works. There are two types of strategic analysis: internal strategic analysis and external strategic analysis, which is conducted within an organization to identify strengths and weaknesses (usually conducted through a SWOT analysis- strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), and the latter delves in the external factors that influence the growth potential of an organization (usually conducted through PESTLE analysis- Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors) (Question Pro, 2018). 

Identifying the strategic position of an organization resulting from strategic analysis renders leaders with the scope of their organizational position and potential in the industry. Acadia’s mission is “to be a world-class organization that sets the standard for excellence in the treatment of mental health and addiction concerns” (Acadia Healthcare, 2019). Therefore, to establish their presence globally, Acadia Healthcare has various growth strategies and has strived to establish effective behavioural health partnerships across the US to enhance the lives of demographics in need through amplifying access to behavioural health services throughout the United States (Acadia Healthcare, n.d.). Also, Acadia embarks on joint ventures and mergers, such as with Orlando Health and Waud Capital Partners, respectively (Caramenico, 2011; Franklin, 2021). As a result, Acadia is concurrently growth strategies and investment strategies to facilitate achieving its mission, “to be a world-class organization that sets the standard for excellence in the treatment of mental health and addiction concerns.”

Therefore, effectively conducting strategic organizational analysis helps formulate strategic action plans that could, in return, guide them in actualizing the strategy. For instance, Acadia’s growth strategy entails getting on board with partnerships, mergers and acquisitions that exponentially enhance the accessibility of their behavioural healthcare services to people in need. Also, to sustain the vast growth strategies, Acadia has to formulate investment strategies to subsidize their financially intense growth strategies. Consequentially, the strategies have rendered quantifiable outcomes such as increased revenues and increased reach across the US, indicating the essence of conducting a strategic analysis. 


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