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Note: You can solve the questions manually or use Excel or JASP to solve the


Student Name: Date:

1. Suppose a researcher conducts an analysis of the relationship between cardiovascular

disease and type II diabetes. The basic summary of the findings are presented in the

following table.






on (Y/N)
















, High,



ol (>2


a day?









(AA, W,

A, H,


A 27 N N Current <High Y Catholic AA

B 34 Y Y Never >High Y Other A

C 21 N N Quit High Y Other W

D 28 Y N Social >High N Muslim W

E 36 Y Y Current <High Y Jewish W

A) Describe the following in reference to their status as a variable, observation, or value:

column 3, row 5, column 3/row 2, column 9.

B) Are any of the variables included in the study ordinal? If so, identify the ordinal variables.

2. Suppose a researcher conducts an experiment to assess the measuring capabilities of a

new device aimed at detecting the boiling point of a chemical. The chemical has a known

boiling point of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. His measurement device is tested 10 times, and

results in the following measurements for boiling point. What can we say about the

device with regards to its precision, accuracy, and potential bias?

Measurement Boiling Point (degrees Fahrenheit)

1 129

2 137

3 136

4 141

5 139

6 142

7 136

8 127

9 143

10 123

3. A surveyor wants to sample a city for the local Public Health Office in order to assess

asthma rates annually. In order to get the best estimate for the project, the surveyor first

decides to sample 2 of 15 census tracts, and then to sample 5 households from each tract.

Assume there are only 10 households in each tract. The surveyor randomly assigns each

tract in the city a number 01-15, and each household in each tract a number 01-10. Use

the following random number table to select each tract, and then each household,

continuing along the line.

058791 211403 098746 170528 086401 370614 097810 036418 340514

A) What kind of sampling strategy is this?

B) Which census tracts and households will be selected?

4. Investigators are interested in the relationship between sleep apnea and Alzheimer’s

disease. In order to more thoroughly understand the relationship, these investigators

decide to recruit 50 participants with Alzheimer’s and 50 participants without

Alzheimer’s, and look at their history of sleep apnea.

A) What type of study design is this?

B) What are the explanatory and response variables?


The following measurements represent the systolic and diastolic blood pressures (mm

HG) for a group of individuals awaiting confirmation for enrollment in a study

investigating the efficacy of a new anti-hypertensive medication.


118 73

132 81

147 87

145 91

129 73

126 81

132 83

156 97

164 102

162 101

167 103

121 78

A) Create a stem-and-leaf plot for both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

B) Suppose that Hypertension is categorized by a Systolic blood pressure above 159 mm HG or a

diastolic blood pressure above 99 mm HG. What is the relative frequency of the potential

participants with hypertension?


The following table reports the fasting glucose levels of a sample of potential participants in a

research study investigating the efficacy of a new insulin-type drug.

Patient Fasting Glucose


Patient Fasting Glucose


A 117 A 112

B 125 B 132

C 129 C 118

D 116 D 119

E 134 E 134

F 108 F 126

G 127 G 124

A) Calculate the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation for the group.

B) Are there any potential outliers that may be affecting the statistics calculated in part A?

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