Art Appreciation I need this before 11:59 tonight Written Critique Guidelines The written critique will consist of two total pages and a bibliography. Ple

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I need this before 11:59 tonight 

Written Critique Guidelines
The written critique will consist of two total pages and a bibliography. Please remember to cite

your sources. You will need to pick an artist from the book and an artwork that artist has

created and write about the two. The guidelines are as follows:

First Page- You will begin the first page by researching the artist. You will need to include any

information that pertains to the artist’s life and the artist’s creation of work. For example, begin

with when the artist was born, where the artist was born, the family life of the artist, and the

educational level of the artist. Also add what movement the artist was closely tied to, what

other artists influenced him, what the artist’s main purpose in creating was, what was the

historical influence, and so forth.

Second Page-This page will be divided into four sections: description, interpretation, analysis,

and judgment.

Begin with the description of the artwork. Look at the information listed located near the

artwork and write in paragraph form the title, the date is was completed, the materials used,

and where it is housed. Also look at the artwork and describe what you see. Avoid, at this point,

describing what you believe the artwork is about.

Next, express what the artwork conveys in the interpretation section. Explain what the artwork

means to you. What is the artwork about? Then research the artist’s intent and explain how

your perception may be different or similar.

Analysis is the third section and in this section you need to list the elements and principles used

in the artwork and explain how they are used. For example, you may note that line and color

are prominent elements in the artwork and then explain why they are prominent.

Finally, the judgment section. In this section you will write about what theory, theme, style,

movement, etc. the artwork falls into. Explain what the standards for the style were in that

particular time period, society, etc. Analyze whether or not the artwork complies with those


*Do not forget to cite your sources.

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