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Jesus post 

Collaboration is essential for team success; I am always try my best to ensure my team has what they need and feel comfortable providing their inputs in regards to the ways we do things.

What have you learned during this team collaboration about Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model?
The most important aspect is that collaboration brings a sense of unity in the team; it also helps determine the goals and direction in which the team is moving towards.
What is a process for creating a sense of urgency around change?
First, one must assess the situation and determine the best course of action; depending on the decision there will be those who will always oppose change. Those people will need extra convincing.
How does collaboration promote self-analysis and help you prevent or correct mistakes?
By having an open minded team, each team is able to voice their concerns and opinions regarding issues that may arise and thus formulate a plan for future issues that may come up.
How does collaboration promote problem solving and help team members improve their skills?
It allows the team members to critically think and challenges them to come up with new ideas and solutions.
What are the connections between new behaviors and organizational change? How do you replace old habits?
Like anything changes can be frightening to some people; these are the people management should spent a little more time convincing them that the changes will actually be of a benefit to them.

Rebecca post


During this team’s collaboration about Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, I learned that the model works best when many people work together for the same common goal. I also knew that there would be times when people are not pulling their weight within a group, which needs to be handled right away. The process for creating a sense of urgency around change is to have an opportunity statement that presents the state of urgency and why the change must happen right now. Collaboration promotes self-analysis by making the person responsible and giving their information and being questioned about it. This allows for the evaluation of how much the person put into their part of the task. This is when mistakes can be addressed as well. This also encourages problem-solving and helps team members improve their skills but make sure they are prepared for their part of the project to present. It also allows for everyone to provide feedback to the person to help them do better in the future. The connection between new behaviors and organizational change is that the shift usually promotes new behavior. Once that change has been accepted, the behavior change follows until it becomes a habit and is no longer a change.

Jamie post

Compensation and benefits packages I would consider to help attract and retain employees would be performance bonuses, family support and well-being, child care options health insurance along with employee recognition programs. Even though there are so many other alternatives for me those listed would serve great purpose for employees. Keeping in mind cost of living and setting achievable goals whether big or small, most importantly those that’ll keep businesses aligned and offering those employed the opportunity for growth. Get comparable prices with competitors, being conscious of spending along with supply and demand. The chosen may fluctuate dependent on the time of year, so be in a position (skilled and educated employees) to handle sudden growth and the same with a decline in sales and services.

Eric post


There are many types of compensation and benefit packages organizations can offer, lets start this discussion with what my company provides. My company RITI knows and fully admits we are not the highest paying company within our line of work, so we boast about our benefits package. We offer 401k matching, a premium PPO health plan, and standard time off policies. The 401k matching seems to be industry-standard amongst similar company’s but the health care is top-notch. Unfortunately, most of our recruiting come from the military, and health care does not have as significant an impact as you would think. The 401k and time off seem similar to like companies. Overall a pretty standard benefits package for the industry.

What sets us aside is the little things that people do not usually think about. In our company, we travel a lot and allow employees to book their travel, hotel, and rental car. This leads to airline miles, hotel status, and rental car rewards. Also, with booking these events, you can use your credit card if your choice for even more credit card rewards and benefits. Ultimately this gives the employees more freedom to choose when and how there are going to get to the work locations. Most companies have travel coordinators that book everything for you based on the lowest cost and rarely consider your personal preferences. The point of all this is that benefits make the employee experience while working for your company more pleasant.

 For Kim and Janelle post

If your classmates address the ways that art reflects society: compare the examples they chose with the work you chose. Do they reflect different aspects of the culture/society in which they were created? Do they reflect similar aspects of culture/society in different ways?

Kim post

This week I chose to look closer at The taking of Neuve-Chapelle. This was an oil painting done in 1916 by Jean-Jacques Berne-Bellecour.

This painting shows the trenches where captured earlier by the Germans and taken back by the British. You can tell that in this painting there are some suffering, some excitement that it belongs back to them, it shows hard work and exhaustion. 

I think this particular piece of art showed how raw the trenches could be. You can see men from both sides fighting for what they need. You can see heartbreak, celebration, and death as the British took back what was theirs.

Janelle post

This work of art was something that shattered the worlds of most critics and art makers of the 20th century. To take something as mundane as a urinal and recontextualize it to call it a fountain and a work of art was something that challenged all artistic norms at the time and raised questions like, what is art? Does the artist or the critic decide if something is art or not? Can a work derive from an idea alone, or does it require the hand of a maker? The aim of Duchamps Urinal is uncertain, some aren’t even sure he was the one who created it in the first place. The Society Of Independent Artists had said that he could submit anything and he decided that he would submit the urinal renamed as a fountain. The piece was taken as a joke and rejected. However, the impact was still made when some critics protested that the piece was in fact art because Duchamp changed the perception of the object. He had created a new image out of something that he had not made and did not alter. Duchamp was attempting to break cultural norms in art and create a new perspective on what could be considered art. In an interview in 1964, Duchamp claimed that he chose the urinal because he thought it had the least chance of being liked and would be more challenging to peoples perspectives. He continued to say that ‘I was drawing people’s attention to the fact that art is a mirage’ (Tate). Dadaism was created during WWI which was a time of great uncertainty that caused people to think differently and challenge the established norms of the early 20th century. This is exactly what Duchamp Does with his urinal. 

 For the next students post that is uploaded below

Provide clear, helpful feedback in response to your peer’s requested topics.
Describe at least one element of your peer’s outline that is done very well, and explain why you feel it is well done.
Be sure to directly reference methods and best practices as discussed in the module resources when offering peer feedback. COM 213 Speech Outline

Use this template to plan the organization and content of your speech. Replace the bracketed text with your responses. You may use bullet points unless otherwise noted.


Speech Topic: Travel Remote Work Policies

General Purpose Statement (to inform, persuade, or entertain): How to work remotely and travel the world. This includes the information, experiences and, persuasion toward life on the road.

Audience Information: The general public, especially ages 18-30 who are still figuring out their long-term career. I will also target backpackers, world travelers, and remote travel workers. This will give them an opportunity to be inspired to make this change.

Audience Considerations: Diversity is always key to ensure a good dynamic within the audience. This can consist of different nationalities, skin colors, and perspectives. It is important to try to engage with all social classes to ensure success. I want to target all classes, to show them that no matter their situation it is possible to travel while earning money. It is also important to teach the audience as if they are new on the subject to avoid any confusion.


Attention Getter: Do you want the opportunity to travel the world while staying employed? This is the guide on travel remote work policies to make that dream become a reality.

Statement of Credibility: This outline is written from trusted and professional resources to ensure credibility and success. The use of personable sources that involve real life experiences and policies are found throughout the guide. Information from websites such as the American Psychology Association, Remote Year, and Edava. These sources express lots of inspiration toward the audience on fulfilling their travel dreams.

Relevance Statement: This speech will provide the audience with recent and relevant on information on traveling and remote work policies. It will include all milestones, work ethic, and execution.

Thesis Statement: Due to the emerging scene of working remotely, the travel opportunities are endless. By letting yourself become remote, it allows experiencing a lifetime of adventure. This will lead into situations that will teach, test, and shape you. But overall, will offer a life of freedom and happiness.

Introduction: Do you want the opportunity to travel the world while staying employed? This is the guide on travel remote work policies to make that dream become a reality. Due to the emerging scene of working remotely, the travel opportunities are endless. I have always dreamt of living on the road and fulfilling my travel dreams! However, I have always been held back by my job. As you know, it is impossible to make a living without earning money. Working remotely allows anyone to take their job on the road and/or find a new career path. By letting yourself become remote, it allows experiencing a lifetime of adventure. This will lead into situations that will teach, test, and shape you. Remote work has been proven to be very beneficial to both employees and supervisors. It gives them an opportunity to be more grounded and cooperate on their chosen time.


Write the body of your speech. Make sure to support all points and sub points with evidence, explanations, and citations and use complete sentences.

Main Point One: How to understand working remotely while traveling

Sub-point: Your Specific Job
-Each remote work job or opportunity is different. Weather your company transitioned to remote or stared remotely. It is always important to ensure you are familiar with what is expected and how to reach out for help if needed. While traveling, it is important to learn the balance of travel and work. This can consist of things such as having WIFI, accessibility to the work, proper technology, and timeliness. It is important to create a consistent schedule to ensure you are contributing, meeting deadlines, attentive in the work position.

Sub-point: Communication
-When working remotely, communication between yourself, the company, and coworkers is very important. It is always necessary to have clear and professional communication between yourself and the company. They need to ensure you are a reliable candidate and can take on the job. This job is here to offer you the comfort of your own time, it is important to honor that. Since you are on the road traveling, constant communication is the key to success.

Transition: Communication within the company transitions to support in within the company

Main Point Two: Supportive Job

Sub-point: Expenses
– In order to successfully be able to work remotely and travel a supportive job is necessary. You will need to cover all costs of food, shelter, and water. You will also need to create a budget of things to purchase in order to survive on the road. Your job and income will need to be able to keep up with all expenses on the road.

Sub-point: Work Environment
– A job that creates a healthy work environment is key. It is encouraging when your coworkers and supervisors enjoy their job and strive to do better. It will ensure the company is successful by starting with the well-being of their employees. This can boost everyone’s work life while giving them the opportunity to take advantage of their personal life.

Transition: A productive and friendly remote work job transitions to a healthy life of freedom.

Main Point Three: How to life free and fully experience life
Sub-point: Happiness
– It is everyone’s goal in life to be happy. Why not take advantage of traveling the world while making money? Working remotely allows anyone to pursue life’s adventures at any given time. This can lead to people getting the opportunity to live a free and adventurous life. Many working-class Americans are held down by their jobs, leaving them miserable and unhappy. Making this transition can open a new array of possibilities and personality change.
Sub-point: New Culture
– Immerge yourself with new culture and experience new ways of life. By transitioning to a remote job, it will give you the freedom to peruse new opportunities. By traveling the world, it will allow you to learn more about different cultures, ways of life, and different perspectives on how we view life.

Transition: A life of happiness and exploration concludes out goals for persuasion.


Statement of Closure: Overall making the transition to remote work will open a lifetime of opportunities. The emerging remote work policies can be learned and honored to start your travel adventure. By following your dream, it will allow everything else to fall into place. In order to be successful on the road, make the transition to remote work.

Recap of Thesis/Main Points: Due to the emerging scene of working remotely, the travel opportunities are endless. By letting yourself become remote, it allows experiencing a lifetime of adventure. This will lead into situations that will teach, test, and shape you. But overall, will offer a life of freedom and happiness. Understanding the balance of traveling and work, having supportive job, and learning new cultures is a life full of adventure.


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How To Work And Travel: The Ultimate Guide

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Papanikolaou, Dimitris, and Lawrence D.W. Schmidt. “Working Remotely and the Supply-Side Impact of Covid-19.” NBER, 8 June 2020,

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