Air Pollution: The Causes And Effects On Human Health Research the different causes of air pollution as well as the effects air pollution has on human heal

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Air Pollution: The Causes And Effects On Human Health Research the different causes of air pollution as well as the effects air pollution has on human health. Also discuss ways to mitigate air pollution. Please use the sources  in the annotated bibliography below as well as other sources you find.

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Klaud Tchokogueu
Professor Turney
ENGL 100 Section 14
23 November 2021
Annotated Bibliography
Kupchik, George J., and Gerald J. Franz. “Solid Waste, Air Pollution and Health.” Journal of the Air Pollution Control Association, vol. 26, no. 2, 1976, pp. 116–118.,
In this research article, the authors identify as well as explain the indirect and direct relationship between air pollution and air pollutant related diseases and solid waste disposal. The research study performed presents the total mass of air pollutants that is released into our environments by solid waste disposal. The authors then use the data from the research in order to discuss the tolerance factors and the health effect factors of air pollution. Furthermore, the article mentions and explores solid waste disposal technologies for reducing the adverse impact of waste on air pollution.
The article is useful as it will help me bring accurate and valuable data from a research study to make my argument more credible. I will use this article in my paper when discussing the many different causes of air pollutants emphasizing on waste and disposal. The solid waste disposal technologies will serve a great purpose in my research paper as it will aid me in the section about ways to mitigate air pollution. Overall, this source will allow me to strengthen my argument and research.

Mackenzie , Jillian, and Jeff Turrentine. “Air Pollution: Everything You Need to Know.” NRDC, 21 Sept. 2021,
This source gives in-depth information on what air pollution is, the causes of air pollution and the effects. It also discusses real life cases of air pollution in the United States which gives us an insight on how air pollution is affecting our local communities. As well as providing ways for people to protect their health from being intoxicated by air pollution due to pollutants, the article also mentions acts and laws put into place such as the Clean Air Act to reduce air pollution. It emphasizes the importance of ensuring The Clean Air Act remains properly enforced.
The article is useful as it provides an extensive amount of information on what air pollution is and where it stems from. This allows me to educate myself on the crisis of air pollution in order to reiterate the information in my research. I will use this article, specifically in my introduction paragraph where I introduce the topic of air pollution, providing valuable background information and educating the readers on it before discussing its effects, causes, and ways to mitigate it. I will also use it in my research paper when identifying ways people can protect their health against air pollution. Additionally, it will be helpful to also use the information on the Clean Air Act to show that although there are laws put in place to solve the issue, more needs to be done to reduce air pollution.
Manisalidis, Ioannis, et al. “Environmental and Health Impacts of Air Pollution: A Review.” Frontiers in Public Health, vol. 8, 2020,
This journal article focuses on exploring the environmental impacts and health complications that are associated with air pollution. It discusses the different pollutants and chemicals that are released into the air causing a scourge of air pollution. These different pollutants also cause a significant amount of diseases and respiratory problems that are harmful to human health. In addition, the article also gives various ways to tackle and mitigate the problem of air pollution.
This article will help me in my research paper in the section where I discuss the negative impacts that occur due to air pollution, specifically the environmental and human health risks that pose a threat to us. I will also use this information after stating my counterargument in order to refute the idea that air pollution does not have an effect on the environment or pose a risk to human health. It will also be used in my concluding paragraph to discuss the many ways we can resolve this issue. Overall, the source is useful as it provides various information on air pollution and its effects.

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