Adding Value To P&G – Powerpoint- 12 Slides A cover slide An agenda A description of the organization (1 slide with speaker’s notes). A summary of th

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  • A cover slide
  • An agenda
  • A description of the organization (1 slide with speaker’s notes).
  • A summary of the strengths and weakness of the organization (2 slides with speaker’s notes)
  • Key aspects of your assessment of the external environment that present opportunities for adding value, such as trends, unmet needs, unsolved problems, under-served consumer groups, etc. (2 slides with speaker’s notes)
  • An evaluation of opportunities to add economic value (1 slide with speaker’s notes)
  • An evaluation of opportunities to add social value (1 slide with speaker’s notes)
  • An evaluation of opportunities to add environmental value (1 slide with speaker’s notes). 
  • A recommended opportunity to pursue first, with a rationale that shows how the opportunity capitalizes on the organization’s valuable, rare, and hard-to-imitate resources, is not much impacted by the organization’s weaknesses, and takes advantage of the external environment (1 slide, with speaker’s notes)
  • A conclusion

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Entrepreneurial Strengths and Actions to Increase Value Creation

Complete the table below, assessing the company’s strengths and weaknesses and describing the company’s approach to innovation.

Company name: Procter and Gamble

Company website URL:

3 to 5 entrepreneurial strengths of the company (90 – 175 words)


 Procter and Gamble is more commonly known by its initials P&G. They have been in business for 185 years and have several prominent strengths that have kept them as a household name. One of their formal strengths is global brand presence. P&G is in more than 80 countries and has established more than 300 separate brands. A second strength of this company is the widespread availability of its products. From laundry detergent to shaving cream, consumers can find their favorite brands in just about every major retailer. A third strength of P&G is its annual revenue. Not only does the major brand make billions, but 24 of their sub-brands are also billion-dollar organizations. This proves that the company is stable, and business continues to flourish.



Major elements of the company’s approach to entrepreneurship and value creation (175 words) 


 P&G is a well-established brand that has been committed to providing quality products to its consumers. They pride themselves on being a company that values its consumers and values contributing to the community. P&G’s community impact follows the motto to “lead with love” when it comes to interacting with the community. Their entrepreneurship approach includes being an inclusive and diverse brand that is available for all people. Their website highlights their dedication to promoting STEM education amongst black students, raising awareness for the LGBTQ community, helping girls going through puberty, and providing immediate hygiene needs for those displaced by natural disasters. This inclusiveness is obviously working as P&G is outperforming competitors in the stock market (Market Watch Automation, 2022). Even with the increase in prices due to the current economy, P&G continues to perform well. They also do an amazing job with marketing their brands. Their tide laundry detergent has gone from a product to an entire production brand as there are now tide laundry centers and tide distribution centers. It is easy to see how P&G is a fortune 500 company.




1 action the company could take to increase entrepreneurial value creation

The company can increase their entrepreneurial value creation by helping to develop a developing country through technology and innovation.


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