652 W4 Midterm Granth Assignment: Using your learning from this week, See attachments “W4 Assignment” for detailed instructions and additional attachment

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Using your learning from this week, See attachments “W4 Assignment” for detailed instructions and additional attachment for resources

Each response should be a minimum of 150 words

· Use font size 12 and 1” margins.

· No plagiarism 

· APA citing 

Week 4 Mid-Term

Measurements & Evaluation

This chapter focuses on six rules and their associated tools, techniques, and tips for measuring the magnitude of problems and the effect of solutions so that the evaluations are more evidence-based, that is, they are based on actual observations or outcomes, not hypothetical events or hearsay. Collectively, the rules, tools, techniques, and tips are meant to support the evaluation of interventions or solutions designed to improve human performance. Their use increases the chances that evaluation is based on valid information that is useful to decision-makers. Rules are prescribed guides for what to do, when, and why. The rules begin with how to get agreement on what measures and metrics to use as the basis of the evaluation. They conclude with how to present findings to clients to facilitate understanding and decisions. Tools are instruments used in the execution of a task. They are a means to an end. Techniques are suggestions about how to carry out a task or make better use of a tool usually with the intent of saving time or reducing error. Tips are bits of expert advice intended to make the application of a rule or the use of a tool easier. Tools, techniques, and tips are meaningless without rules; likewise, rules without tools, techniques, and tips are difficult to apply.

Mosele, J. & Dessinger, J. (2009). Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace. (Volume 3). Pfeiffer-Wiley

To prepare for this Discussion, pay particular attention to the following Learning Resources:

· Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

· Read Week 4 Lecture –
See Word doc

· Read Chapter 11-12 – See Word doc


In completing your midterm exam, please be sure that your work follows essay format. Your work should include significant responses that are supported by outside research. Each response should be a minimum of 150 words and should include a reference list. Your responses should include examples and should be entirely in your own words.

·       Using your knowledge from what you have learned in the past 4 weeks, analyze and provide an example of four (4) basic terms that are associated with measurement and evaluation.

·        You have learned that measurement and performance chain play a significant role in human performance technology. Using your workplace or a company from your assignments, prove how measurement and performance chain can be applied to help improve organizational success.

·        You have learned that training impacts business performance in a positive and negative way. Summarize how business performance can be impacted in both a positive and negative way and provide an example of how the negative can be transformed into a positive leading to organizational success.

·        Ethics play a role in performance management. Distinguish the role ethics play and provide a real-world example of an organization that was impacted by the ethics of their employees in either a positive or negative manner.

·        Using what you have learned over the past 4 weeks, analyze the guidelines, process, and decisions that are critical to testing. Provide an example of how these concepts pertain to your workplace

· No plagiarism

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