250 Words-1.5 Hour Dead Line Please see the doc attached and respond Respond to the article with 250 words Article How would you suggest a leader

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250 Words-1.5 Hour Dead Line Please see the doc attached and respond Respond to the article with 250 words


How would you suggest a leader overcome resistance to a change that is going to cause some people to lose their jobs?
In such circumstances the leader’s influence is greatly enhanced if he or she demonstrates a concern for people and works closely with them to maintain their welfare and support their job security. Similarly, the leader who can build trust, show care and understanding of the people affected by the change, and can create an emotional involvement, is highly attractive to others. At the same time, it’s vital that the leader help people deal with the emotional trauma that can result from a change of their work or home environment. A leader must work to help the team move toward an agreed upon vision or “the collective goal.” A leader must also have empathy for the team’s emotions and needs. One common question that I’m asked is: “Why isn’t the leader as worried as we are?” “Why don’t they experience the same emotions as we do? Why don’t they empathize with us?” The answer is that they can’t. Leaders are not empathizers, and it’s the role of the leader to be concerned about the needs and feelings of the team as a whole and to ensure that the team members know the leader is there to help them deal with the impact of the change they are facing (Buick, 2018).
Such a situation is a very dicey situation where leadership is to ensure a change and overcome its resistance to change with respect to the new ideas emerging in other business processes. Therefore the new ideas, when they emerge, are taken on without much ado, but the resistance in the leadership is to overcome. In such a situation, leadership may find it very difficult to motivate the resistance of the employees to the new ideas. Therefore, this creates a situation where the leadership may not be able to push forward such changes. Hence the leadership fails in bringing in the new ideas. This is where the need arises to have the right people, people who can take on the new ideas, to lead the organization (Buick, 2018).
Buick, F., Blackman, D., & Johnson, S. (2018). Enabling middle managers as change agents: Why organisational support needs to change. Australian Journal of Public Administration, 77(2), 222-235.

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