1 Page Long The Task : Reflective learning is part of the development of your critical thinking skills.   Reflective learning involves taking a personal ex

1 Page Long The Task
Reflective learning is part of the development of your critical thinking skills.   Reflective
learning involves taking a personal ex

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1 Page Long The Task
Reflective learning is part of the development of your critical thinking skills.   Reflective
learning involves taking a personal experience, looking at your initial gut reaction to it,
and quietly thinking about that gut reaction.  It then involves building linkages between
that experience and other similar situations using your reasoning to test the strength of
those linkages.  Finally, it involves putting your thoughts out publicly to others, receiving
their feedback, and thinking about how that feedback changes your initial thinking.
In this case, I am going to ask you to reflect on a  
Facebook page posting by a
university   student   who   wrote,   “I   no   longer   fear   Hell,   I   took   a   course   with   Professor
Two   or   three   students   in   each   group   are   going   to   write   a   two-to-three-page   double
spaced statement discussing whether they think it is right that a student should be able
to post such a public statement in writing or whether alternatively such an action is a
violation of the professor’s rights.   You may take either position, but you must take a
position   one   way   or   the   other   and   stay   with   it.     You   must   provide   two   independent
reasons to justify your position.  This two to three-page document must be dropped into
the drop box at 11:59 p.m. the night before the class one week after the assignment is
distributed (i.e., 11:59 p.m. the night before class in week # 11).   This portion will be
marked out of 4 marks.
Then, the remainder of the students in each group will have until 11:59 p.m. the night
before   the   next   class   (i.e.,   11:59   p.m.   the   night   before   class   #   12)   to   discuss   the
consequences   of   the   position   taken   in   the   first   part   of   the   paper   in   terms   of
consequences for students, professors, and education at universities as a whole, and
the   consequences   for   other   situations   where   these   same   rights   come   into   play.     In
addition,   the   second   part   of   the   group   will   provide   one   positive   comment   about   the
content   of   the   first   part   of   the   paper   and   one   area   where   they   think   there   could   be
Quotation taken from G. Saad, “Student Criticizing Professors Online: A Right or a Violation?”

improvement and why.  This second part of the paper may be up to five pages in length,
but no more.
The Marking of the Assignment
Four   marks   will   be   allocated   to   the   first   part   of   the   paper,   evaluating   how   well   you
express a clear position on the issue and the quality of the two reasons you provide to
justify your position.
Six marks will be allocated to the second part of the paper.  Two will be allocated to how
well   you   discuss   the   consequences   for   students,   professors,   and   education   at
universities as a whole as well as to other situations where these same rights may arise
and collide.   Part of the grading for this will be on how insightful your discussion is on
this   aspect   of   the   paper.     Then   two   marks   will   be   allocated   for   the   quality   of   the
discussion   on   the   positive   aspect   of   the   first   paper   you   identify   and   the   area   for
improvement you identify, particularly in regard to your reasoning LAWS 20000D: Business Law – Assignment #2

Prepared for

Frederick Koch
Professor, Pilion School of Business
Sheridan College, Hazel McCallion Campus
Mississauga, ON L5B 0G5

Prepared by

Hadeqah Ahmed, 991 606 783
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Nada Mansour, 991 571517
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Due Date: November 22, 2021
Date Submitted: November 22, 2021

Part One: Statement

The statement “I no longer fear Hell, I took a course with Professor [Smith]” is not only offensive towards the professor but the University itself. We all get that everyone has their own freedom of speech but a statement like this can cost someone else their entire career and I feel that that is what is going to happen with Professor Smith. So since a University student felt that Professor Smith was not the easiest teacher it doesn’t mean that he shared that with everyone by posting it online where people can easily share a post with just one tap of a button. A situation like this could have been totally avoidable if the University student decided to act like a mature adult and talk it out one on one with Professor Smith himself. Say if the post regarding Smith had been shared hundreds or thousands of times the University itself would have to get involved to find a way to fix this problem and that could put Professor Smith’s career at stake because now if another student feels that way their also going to make a post about it and then all of a sudden there’s hundreds of students talking about how this professor teaches like this and how he might not be the best. The fact that the student compared Professor Smith’s teaching to hell means that now Smith must find out where he went wrong and what made the student think that the course was “hell”, he also has to compare the university student who made the post to other students and see whether he was giving it his all or was he slacking most of the time. That is because students tend to blame professors for not teaching the course properly when in reality it’s actually the students fault for not paying attention in class, not doing their reading, not completing homework and then not studying for a test/exam. By the student posting the statement ,he disregarded the teacher’s hard work and dedication. That post can lead to a lot of negative feedback considering the fact that it is a negative statement.
What the student could have done, he could have written a positive criticism about how the course is so hard and how he needs additional help from either the professor or his classmates. Unfortunately, this Facebook post that was made by the student could possibly cost him failing his course. There are a lot of online teachers that can help people with their courses and guide them to the right path. Thus,
Moreover, the student had violated the university policy. Every university has a code of conduct, which can include, no cheating, no use of hurtful language, etc. Thus, the student violated the conduct as he had caused harm to a person in the university community by posting a negative statement on facebook. As a university student, you are expected to meet beyond expectation and apply knowledge learned from class into different scenarios (not related to class or homework discussions). Instead of going directly to the professor and clearing his issue, he went straight to the Facebook page and caused false accusations upon his qualification as a professor. The student could have avoided all these issues if he had asked to help or asked for guidance as to why his professor made the midterm like that.
Thus, in this case, the student is in the wrong, due to A) making a defamatory statement on facebook, and B) violating the policy of the university.

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